Columbus, OH to Munich, Germany

“You are amazing. If it were not for you, I don’t know where I would be right now. Every time I have reached out to you, you have really graciously bent over backwards to assist. I can imagine if your other customers are anything like me, we want our pets with us no matter where in the world we are… they are our children. The idea of putting our loved ones in the hands of a complete stranger is a terrifying thought – especially for such a long trip…. but you have really put my mind at ease about Bella’s travels and helped to make sure all of the necessary items are in place to make this as smooth of a transition as possible for my niece. Thank you.


San Jose, Costa Rica-Miami, FL
“I want to thank you again for the help you provided me and my wife in order to bring our Dog, Apollo, into the US; we really appreciate it.”

Atlanta, GA-Hong Kong
“Wanted to let you know that Rosemary and George did a great job in providing a comfortable trip to Hong Kong for our dog Lily. The whole process from beginning to end was very smooth. We greatly appreciated the attention to detail and excellent degree of customer service.”

Houston, TX-Copenhagen, Denmark
“Thank you for all your help in getting Pai to Copenhagen. She arrived Tuesday night and settled down within 30 minutes. She’s back to her old self again. Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be contacting you in a few years to get her back to America.”

Seattle, WA-London, England
“Thank you so much for all of your help. Dakota is here and we are all so excited. The best Christmas present ever. Thanks for making it such a smooth transition.”

Dubai, UAE-Phuket, Thailand
“All 3 cats have arrived and are now being pampered and washed. Must say they look quite “happy” plus fit and well so great job to both of you and the team. Whole program ran like clockwork and we really appreciate your close attention to our program and small furry family members.”

Seattle, WA-Ketchikan, AK

“Good Morning Tony,
Small One arrived safe and sound. It was a joy to see him in good shape. Thanks a million for your kind and efficient service!”

Shanghai, China-Philadelphia, PA
“Our dog arrived at home safe and sound last night around 11pm. He had a smooth trip to Philly. Thank you very much for the arrangement. We really appreciate your kind help.”

Minneapolis, MN-San Juan, Puerto Rico
“both dogs (Blue & Bliss) had a good first night in PR. Thank you again, you and your company were a pleasure to work with.”

Shanghai, China-Raleigh, NC
“She’s here! She’s happy and healthy! Thanks for everything! You’ve been terrific! We’ll be in touch shortly, as we are anticipating a move to Taiwan next!”

Los Angeles, CA-London, England
“I’m tardy in writing this note regarding the outstanding service we received from Rosemary in relocating our dogs to London. It was a hectic move for us. But the one piece I did worry about (with respect to any of the logistics) was the move for the dogs. From the beginning it was clear that Rosemary was a subject matter expert and was patient in explaining the different rules to my many vets and myself. Additionally she went far beyond the job in calling us to check in and calling my mother (who the dogs were with) to let her know of their progress too.
I was so impressed with the service we received. I knew I could call and she would have the answers or track them down immediately. I’ve never moved the dogs before and had a good degree of stress and worry about their health and welfare, but she minimized all of that.
My vets were also very impressed with her professionalism and had said that they were going to recommend your company to their clients.
It’s been a little over a month since we arrived and all is going very well. The dogs are great and loving it here in London. Thanks to you and Rosemary for providing such excellent service. She really made a tremendous difference for us.”